Saturday, 10 November 2012

'Sailing By' tonight, doors 8pm, Labour Club Northampton

'SAILING BY' at The Labour Club, 97 Charles Street, Northampton, NN1 3BG
 Here is the line up in reverse order;

THE NEW HELLFIRE CLUB are first on at 'Sailing By' The Labour Club, Northampton Sat 10th 9pm
Check their music out here

BEIJING CARS are on at 9.45pm this Saturday at The Labour Club, Northampton

LOVED ONES headline this Saturday's 'Sailing By' at The Labour Club, Northampton 10.30pm
Loved Ones - Weekends Are Ours receives it's premiere on The Line Of Best Fit

Loved Ones - Weekends Are Ours receives it's premiere on The Line Of Best Fit

What TLoBF had to say about Loved Ones....

Liverpool’s Loved Ones offer an atmospheric and expansive sound with this, the lead single from forthcoming debut album which also coincides with a suitably eerie and slightly disturbing accompanying video, directed by Ian Gamester. ‘Weekends Are Ours’ is released on 7″ later this month via the newly minted Witchfinder records.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ivory Faces: Reviews

Ivory Faces: Reviews:
An Escape Plan -

An Escape Plan is the brainchild of Craig Brown former (Mercury Prize nominated) Maps collaborator and Medium 21 guitarist / keyboard merchant. Craig has been around the Northampton music scene since the tail end of Brit Pop. Known to most by the monicker Arge his special move is slinging his axe on and guesting (stage hogging) during headline bands encores as Death Cab For Cutie, Brendan Benson,
The Cooper Temple Clause and Cursive know to their cost. Thus far An Escape Plan have recorded 80% of an album in various attics, barns, warehouses, bedrooms and chicken coups. The band have played a handful of very well received shows, both electric and acoustic. The more drunken the better. The band are, in no particular order, Matthew King, Nick Willes, Kathryn Sian WIlliams, Henry Charles Pritchard and Arge himself.

Quiet then loud. Melody is used. Emotional wipeout achieved.

Band interests
Keeping chickens, real ale, Das Pluto Gang, Red Kite, Tuesdays.

Artists we also like
Red Kite, Das Pluto Gang

Created    2004

Genre    Alternative Folk

Craig 'Arge' Brown
Matthew King
Kathryn Sian Williams
Nick Willes
Henry Charles Pritchard


Friday, 21 September 2012


'SAILING BY' at The Labour Club, 97 Charles Street, Northampton, NN1 3BG


Doors at 8pm 
£3 Entry





Thursday, 20 September 2012

Liam Dullaghan nice review

Review by Jimbo Walsh -
For someone who ended up homeless, living in his parents’ garage and having to sell all his guitars, it is remarkable that Liam Dullaghan has overcome those hurdles to write his debut solo album Making History. However, it is those setbacks which are the backdrop to Making History and really a huge debt of thanks must go to producer / multi-instrumentalist Lee Russell, who was the catalyst to Liam writing music once more.
Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet has influenced many musicians and the idea of star crossed lovers entwined to their tragic end sets a clear tone for the crackling radio opening that is Radio Verona. Liam’s gentle yet breathless voice, accompanied by acoustic guitar, are softly arranged and ease the listener into the album. The underlying strings have a meandering quality which enhances the melancholy feel of Radio Verona.
What if We Win begins with a joyousness of guitar and drums that eventually fades away to stripped back slower vocals, before returning to that quicker pace. It is almost as if Liam daren’t dream that he could ever win and that when everything seems to be going well there is an underlying force that draws him back to downhearted reflection. Although any sadness is obliterated by the later offering of Paradise Beach with its roaring strings, pop orientated tone and wistful positiveness.
Having spent so long in America it comes as no surprise that there are hints of Country to many of the tracks on Making History and especially so with New Barcelona and I Fell Through The Night Like a Stone. New Barcelona in particular being a wonderful fuse of picked out country guitar and Liam’s vocal style.
I’m just Fucked Without You demonstrates that there is no need to be downbeat, in offering up those moments in life when you are lost after the break up of a relationship. However, there is something unsatisfying about Liam’s expression of the phrase "I’m just fucked without you". There is obviously a huge amount of pain in those five words, yet that doesn’t quite translate and is almost lost between a feeling of it needing to be more aggressive or less offensive. This is a shame and should not be used as stick to beat the rest of the album with.
The opening reversed recording of title track Making History mirrors well with opening track Radio Verona in structural creation. If it is possible, Liam’s softly spoken vocals are passionate in their tonality and carry so much emotion, especially when Liam sings "watch the last train disappear". Closing your eyes and listening to the phrase "sometimes it feels like we’re making history" is possibly the album’s eponymous moment
The fact that it has taken Liam three years to craft Making History shows the level of commitment, effort and sheer dedication that deserves a stage on which to sit. Do not listen to this out of sympathy for Liam Dullaghan, listen to it as a friend listens to you when you pour your heart out.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Liam Dullaghan

Liam Dullaghan's 'New Barcelona' was played during Hollyoaks on Channel 4 (UK) last night. A truly beautiful track from the largely unheard gem of an album that is 'Making History'. 

Go and listen if you haven't heard it. It's available on iTunes & Spotify via The Shipping Forecast.