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Ivory Faces: Reviews

Ivory Faces: Reviews:
An Escape Plan -

An Escape Plan is the brainchild of Craig Brown former (Mercury Prize nominated) Maps collaborator and Medium 21 guitarist / keyboard merchant. Craig has been around the Northampton music scene since the tail end of Brit Pop. Known to most by the monicker Arge his special move is slinging his axe on and guesting (stage hogging) during headline bands encores as Death Cab For Cutie, Brendan Benson,
The Cooper Temple Clause and Cursive know to their cost. Thus far An Escape Plan have recorded 80% of an album in various attics, barns, warehouses, bedrooms and chicken coups. The band have played a handful of very well received shows, both electric and acoustic. The more drunken the better. The band are, in no particular order, Matthew King, Nick Willes, Kathryn Sian WIlliams, Henry Charles Pritchard and Arge himself.

Quiet then loud. Melody is used. Emotional wipeout achieved.

Band interests
Keeping chickens, real ale, Das Pluto Gang, Red Kite, Tuesdays.

Artists we also like
Red Kite, Das Pluto Gang

Created    2004

Genre    Alternative Folk

Craig 'Arge' Brown
Matthew King
Kathryn Sian Williams
Nick Willes
Henry Charles Pritchard